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Most of the time we live our lives completely out of focus. We get distracted by things that ultimately are meaningless. We live our lives in a routine that is ridiculous. Right now maybe you’re focused on your career, your school, your relationship. You’re focused on making so much money that you get whatever the heck you want. And then what? You have the best job ever, you graduated top of your class, you are going out with people magazine’s hottest person ever to walk on this planet, and you have so much money that you just bought yourself an island for the heck of it. Sure, maybe you will get distracted for a couple months. Maybe even a couple years. But one day you will be laying in your bed thinking, none of it matters. Everything that I thought could make me complete isn’t. Hear me out, eventually that life will be left meaningless. But there is good news :) The thing that is missing is the love of Jesus Christ. That is the only thing that matters. Living your life for him. So just let go, and let God. Make him your priority and everything else will fall into place.  

Who’s Steve?


At age 7 in the Blood Diamond war  Steven’s entire family was killed, so he was left an Orphan. A family from the same town he lived in had his last name so they took him in pretending that he was their own child. He thought they were going to take care of him, but instead they made him a slave. When he was 11 he asked the father of the family if he had done enough and could be considered a son rather than a slave. The father said no so he picked up his grass mat (all that he had) and left. So he was 11 and homeless. Seeking help was hard  in Liberia, which has one of the most corrupt political systems in the world, and makes it very difficult to get help from outside countries. One day Steven found an internet cafe, and went inside to use a computer. The owners of the cafe agreed that if he would clean the cafe everyday of the week, on wednesday nights he could use a computer. So he did it. Every wednesday night he would get on the computer and learn. Soon, he had learned enough that he started teaching younger children. He managed to start saving up money, and finally got an apartment. (Which by our standards would be considered a shack, or less than a shack.) He started teaching classes, and at a point there was about 40 people attending. He was then able to buy a small building in hopes of chasing his dream of opening a school where he could teach young kids entrepenual skills, so they could fend for themselves. Shortly after opening it, a tree fell on top of the buillding he was using. The lady I spoke with told me that 5,000 would get him a building with enough rooms in it to house students/children so he can teach.


Apr 7

The greatest single cause of atheism in the world today is Christians who acknowledge Jesus with their lips then walk out the door and deny Him by their lifestyle.



THAT is what an unbelieving world simply finds unbelievable. 

Thank you, Brennan Manning for this amazingly bold truth.

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God is Faithful! WATCH AND REBLOG!

Three months ago Andy Oquendo got in a fatal car crash, 2 people died, and he ended in a coma, I did a prayer request, and it got around tumblr, and 3 months later, Andy is awake from the coma! Watch the video!!!!


Thanks for the Prayers, Watch and share the video!

Andy, and Joe
Please keep the Oquendo family in your prayers. Andy and Joe Oquendo who suffered a terrible car accident this Friday. Joe Oquendo passed away while his brother Andy is fighting for his life in a state of coma.. Their dad passed away earlier this year and their sister died in a car accident about 3 years ago. Pass it on! Re-blog it! Prayer works! God made him for a purpose, he will wake up from this.

Thanks for the prayers! he made it from the coma! God is Faithful! WATCH and REBLOG

God is immutable.
He does not change. He cannot change.

God demonstrates His own love toward us, in that while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us.
-(Romans 5:8)

Christianity is not a cafeteria line where you say, “I’ll have a little salvation, but no Lordship right Now.”
-Adrian Rogers